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Citadel reviewer Anand Mahindra claims the series left him "unmoved," but Priyanka Chopra convinces him otherwise

Anand Mahindra, the head of the Mahindra company, gave Citadel by Priyanka Chopra a review. The first two episodes of the Prime Video series, which debuted last weekend, feature the Bollywood star in a never-before-seen action role. The billionaire, supported by the Russo Brothers, tweeted that the storyline had left him “unmoved,” but that Priyanka's stunt work had really pleased her.

“Over the weekend, I watched the first episodes of Citadel. Was unimpressed by the standard OTT Russo brothers narrative, but it was amazing to see @priyankachopra in an action role. She surpasses the majority of our male action heroes. She embodies the traits of the ambitious and adaptable Fauji brats. She is definitely living life on her own terms and tackling the world one step at a time, so you have to give it to her. He tweeted, “More power to her.

Priyanka liked the tweet that commended her despite the fact that she didn't respond to the review.

Priyanka Chopra portrays Nadia Sinh in Citadel, an agent who, according to the file, has passed away. The agent is still alive, but her memory has been lost. She is compelled to retain every detail since it is these information that will enable her and the character played by Richard Madden to rescue the planet.

The first two episodes of the show received a 3.5 rating from News18, which said, “Priyanka excels with her subtle performance. Nadia's emotionality and fragility are sometimes seen behind all the resolve and unrelenting hardness.

She and Richard's Mason are experiencing a simmering and explosive sexual tension that is about to explode. Their chemistry is hot and obvious. Additionally, the producers will want you to support them despite all odds.

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