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According to Russia, a Ukrainian missile was shot down over Crimea

In the face of an anticipated Ukrainian onslaught, Russia claimed on Saturday that its military had shot down a Ukrainian missile over the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow acquired from Ukraine in 2014.

A ballistic missile was shot down by air defenses over the Republic of Crimea. The Ukrainian Grim-2 launcher was used to fire the missile. Sergei Aksyonov, the Crimea's newly appointed governor, said there was no damage or injuries on social media.

Later, according to his adviser Oleg Kryuchkov, two of these missiles were shot down, according to Russian news organizations.

The accusations could not be confirmed by AFP.

After a first reported incidence in April, the state-run source TASS said that this was the second official confirmation of a Grim missile being neutralized over Crimea.

Drone invasions and railway sabotage have increased recently in Russia, which analysts believe are part of Ukraine's preparations for an anticipated spring onslaught.

Although Kyiv has not taken credit for any of the events, Moscow has condemned Ukrainian “sabotage” of a “unprecedented momentum”.

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