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For this reason, Kamal Haasan became Rajesh Khanna’s bodyguard

<p>Kaka, better known as Rajesh Khanna, is credited as becoming the first Hindi film superstar. As the only actor to have starred in 15 straight solo superhit films, all of which were released between 1969 and 1971, he now maintains the record. Among his well-known films are Bawarchi, Aradhana, Kati Patang, Anand, and Amar Prem. The actor gained notoriety for his captivating on-screen persona and his portrayal of a romantic hero. with addition to Bollywood, he has a long history of working with South American remakes. It was practically a given that any South remake he worked on would be successful. Kamal Haasan is one of the numerous South actors that Rajesh Khanna came to know. Rajesh Khanna was reportedly a big fan of Kamal Haasan and enjoyed seeing his movies. Rajesh Khanna was highly appreciated by Kamal Haasan as well. Anecdotally, Kamal Haasan revealed something about Rajesh Khanna in a previous interview that is making waves right now. That was once the case for both of them, according to Kamal Haasan.</p>
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<p>Kamal claims that they used to get together often to talk about movies. He had considered presenting Rajesh Khanna the American film The Swarm when he was in Chennai. He kept their planned trip to a theater in the heart of the city a secret from him.</p>
<p>Kamal went on, “Rajesh Khanna learned that we had gone to attend a movie in a packed theater when we got there. He hasn’t attended a public theater since he rose to fame. He began viewing the movie at the theater at my suggestion. There was no issue since the theater was dark. We had fun seeing the movie.</p>
<p>Kamal said he became a bit anxious as the movie was coming to a finish. He believed that there would be problems if Rajesh Khanna became well-known. Thus, he informed Rajesh Khanna that we have to leave the theater before the movie ends.</p>
<p>Kamal went on to say that Rajesh Khanna turned down his proposal and ended up loving the movie. What he dreaded occurred after this. When they saw Rajesh Khanna, they were agitated and began to touch and view their favorite actor. When Kamal Haasan saw this circumstance, he became quite anxious.</p>
<p>However, he made an effort to stand in for Rajesh Khanna like a bodyguard to keep him safe from harm or mob action. They both walked out of the theater and toward the vehicle quite slowly. Rajesh Khanna’s shirt tore at this point. Ultimately, Rajesh Khanna was giggling uncontrollably at the whole ordeal.</p>