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Don 3: Emraan Hashmi to Oppose Ranveer Singh in a Villain Role? Farhan Akhtar Meets Tiger 3 Star

<p>Excitingly, it has been revealed that Emraan Hashmi would probably portray the antagonist in Don 3. Although the actor was sighted visiting Farhan Akhtar’s office, nothing formal has been announced. Fans now speculate that he may appear in the movie as a result of this. Tiger 3 was Emraan’s final film, and it received positive reviews for his performance. Everyone was enthralled by his avatar, which had never been seen before.</p>
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<p>Emraan is seen in the Snehzala-shared video sporting pants and a hooded sweater. He may be seen having a good time chatting and posing for the photographers. Fans also left comments really quickly. “Finally something good for DON 3,” said a fan. “Best” was written by someone. We are still anticipating an official announcement, however.</p>
<p>Regarding Don 3, the first glimpse was released the previous year. With Ranveer Singh narrating, the teaser began in an apartment against a stunning city skyline, saying, “Sher jo so raha hain woh jagega kab, puchte hai yeh sab.” In the backdrop, “Unse keh do phir jaag utha hoon main, aur phir samne jald aane ko.” He was observed carrying a handgun in the quintessential Don fashion, smoking a cigarette, and sporting statement sunglasses. Along with the teaser, Farhan uploaded it with the message, “A New Era Begins #Don3.”</p>
<p>The moment has come to carry on Don’s legacy, and an actor whose skill and adaptability I have long respected will be joining us in this new version. We hope you would return the kindness and generosity you have shown to Mr. Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan to him. In the year 2025, Don enters a new age. Prior to this, Farhan had written, “Watch this space.”</p>
<p>Since the Don series has always been associated with gripping stories, exciting action, and memorable moments, Ranveer Singh’s skill and adaptability make him the ideal choice for this legendary character. Ranveer, who is renowned for giving his characters nuance and passion, is set to honor the history of his predecessors while making a lasting impression on the series. The movie, which is slated for release in 2025, is produced by Excel Entertainment’s Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.</p>