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Ranbir Kapoor BREAKS HIS SILENCE ABOUT ANIMAL CRITICISM: “The Movie’s Box Office Success Shows…”

<p>After the release of his movie Animal, Ranbir Kapoor responded to the negative reviews it garnered. When the movie came out last month, it was criticized for elevating toxic masculinity and sexism. A portion of social media attacked the movie, and Javed Akhtar also voiced his criticism. During the Animal triumph party, Ranbir responded to the criticism by saying that his passion for the movie and its box office success had overcome all obstacles.</p>
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<p>The movie Animal has performed very well at the box office. Bollywood Hungama reports that the movie has made Rs 904.93 cr at the box office globally. Ranbir discussed the movie’s success as well as its criticism. “I’d want to express my gratitude to everyone for coming to honor Animal today. Although there were some individuals who didn’t like the movie, I believe that nothing can surpass the love that a film may inspire given its level of popularity and affection. According to PTI, Ranbir said, “Nothing transcends beyond movies.”</p>
<p>Sandeep also responded to the criticism in a number of interviews. In December, Sandeep said, “All these critics should go to China,” in an interview with Connect FM Canada. You are aware that English tutoring is the most popular thing in China. They might go and instruct there since they are proficient in English. You won’t discover anything else in their evaluations except new English terms.</p>
<p>The movie’s box office is being impacted by the criticism, he said. Even though they provided thorough justifications (after Kabir Singh’s release), they made no attempt to analyze the movie. They only discuss two or three topics. I knew after Animal that it would be in every one of my movies. Everything is well. He said, “The criticism of Animal Park and Spirit will only become worse.</p>
<p>For Animal Park, the follow-up to Animal, Ranbir and Sandeep will rejoin.</p>