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Sunghoon of ENHYPEN Responds Sassily To A Fan Who Asks About His Relationship

<p>Sunghoon of ENHYPEN has recently attracted a lot of attention from internet users because of a previously unrevealed online exchange with a fan. The initial event happened on Weverse, a popular fan communication network, in December of last year. Like many idols, Sunghoon often uses social media to express his musical tastes with ENGENEs, the passionate ENHYPEN fan base. He shared a picture of himself enjoying the lyrics of Ne-Yo’s “Mad” in December 2023, emphasizing how much he liked the song.</p>
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<p>Ne-Yo’s 2008 R&B song is a staple of his well-known career. The song’s video and lyrics depict a couple having a fight, and the vocalist expresses her want to make up with her partner before bed.</p>
<p>ENGENEs praised Sunghoon, 21, for his taste and expressed appreciation for his selection of such well-known music as soon as he shared it. One fan, however, adopted a different perspective and questioned Sunghoon’s comprehension of the song’s content in a long remark that was posted on Weverse. The fan expressed concern that the lyrics would frighten other admirers and continued by asking about the idol’s current romantic state.</p>
<p>What meaning do you get from the lyrics? Why do you believe the lyrics are so catchy without any logic? You have never paid attention to the words when you have shared music before. Do you currently have a partner? The admirer added, “Please come out and explain.”</p>
<p>Sunghoon replied to this message in a brief manner, expressing his admiration for the lyrics due to their solemn tone. Supporters noticed that he began his reply with an errant question mark, which many saw to be a subliminal way of expressing his shock at the unjustified attention paid to such a basic musical suggestion.</p>
<p>The original poster of the message received harsh criticism from ENGENEs for what they saw as improper behavior toward the idol. Weeks after the first outcry, the event reappeared on Twitter, much to the pleasure of those who enjoyed Sunghoon’s caustic response.</p>
<p>A fan wrote, “No Cause What Is Wrong With Engenes!!!”</p>
<p>“People on Weverse are not genuine in any sense. Get behind me, Sunghoon!” another user said.</p>
<p>Some even said they hoped other idols would handle comparable circumstances in a similar way.</p>
<p>Actor, musician, model, and former figure skater Park Sung-hoon is from South Korea. He trained as an idol since 2018 and pursued figure skating from 2010 till early 2020. In November 2020, Sunghoon made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy band ENHYPEN, having retired from figure skating.</p>