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Nicole Kidman on her height: From red carpet giraffes to audition trickery

<p>Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman shared her honest story about the difficulties she had as a young child, including the barriers her height presented. Even though Kidman is one of the most well-known figures in the entertainment business today, her rise to fame wasn’t easy.</p>
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<p>Nicole recalled hearing as a teenager that her tall size may prevent her from being accepted by Hollywood. She was only thirteen years old, but already her remarkable five-foot-ten-inch height attracted unjustified attention and jokes. She recalled such times, saying, “I was called’storky.’” The question “How’s the air up there?” would come up.</p>
<p>Nicole Kidman persevered despite the doubters and entered the world of auditions, where her height may pose a challenge. In an attempt to break through the industry’s stereotypes and establish herself, she told a little white lie at an audition for the renowned Annie part.</p>
<p>She said, “They were measuring you before you went in, so I had to talk my way through the door.” She neatly shaved half an inch off her real height of five feet eleven inches at the time to optimize her chances by claiming to be five feet ten and a half inches tall. She acknowledged that she was embarrassed by the lie when she looked back.</p>
<p>As a successful actress and producer today, Nicole Kidman has refused to let her height to determine her level of success. Nonetheless, people are still fascinated by her enormous size, particularly when they are meeting her for the first time. She replicated the typical response, “You’re so much taller than I thought,” in a lighthearted manner.</p>
<p>Kidman also spoke on how difficult it can be to find appropriate shoes, particularly for the glitzy red carpet. With a laugh, she described the age-old conundrum of getting shoes with high heels and wondering, “Do they have a kitten heel? I’m simply going to be the giraffe, the tallest human!</p>
<p>Nicole Kidman’s career demonstrates her tenacity, willpower, and capacity to overcome obstacles in the entertainment business, finally demonstrating that her brilliance surpasses any superficial assessments based just on her height.</p>