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‘Kan Biosys celebrates 75th Republic Day with farmers ‘

Pune, January 2024: Over the past 74 years since India became a republic, farmers have made significant contributions. It is crucial to acknowledge that, even during challenging times such as the ‘Corona’ pandemic, the resilience of the agriculture sector has been a key factor in maintaining the GDP of our economy. The distinctive importance of farmers in agriculture has played a crucial role in shaping India as an agrarian nation. Their contributions continue to be pivotal as India strives to emerge as an economic superpower in the coming years.


To acknowledge the invaluable contributions of farmers to the development of India, employees at Kan Biosys, a multinational company, celebrated Republic Day with farmers across 75 locations in the country. This initiative has been conceptualized by Dr.Prashant Pawar -Assistant Vice President -Business Development and HR, endorsed by Sandeepa Kanitkar -Managing Director of Kan Biosys and executed with the help of Mr.Rahul Parkhi- Assistant Vice President -Sales Operations.


All the Sales employees, Agronomists and other supporting members have successfully celebrated the 75th republic day with respective farmers in their field


Working with farmers for more than three decades, Kan Biosys is a leading multinational company in biological fertilizers and pesticides.


Sandeepa Kanitkar, a microbiologist, founded this company in 2005. Kan Biosys is renowned for its production and supply of liquid bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, seed treatment processes, and certified agricultural products focused on soil health, crop nutrition, and crop protection. Kan Biosys is dedicated to producing and providing high-quality, biological products for sustainable and certified farming practices. All products of Kan Biosys are registered with Ecocert, FCO, and CIB for their new and innovative productions.

The Research and Development department of Kan Biosys has been recognized by the Department of Science and Industrial Research in India.


Kan Biosys has received numerous national and international accolades for its quality. In November 2023, the company’s product ‘Speed Compost’ was honored with the first position in the ‘National Sustainable Agriculture Award’ category by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Notably, the company employs more than two hundred staff, working in more than 7 states in India. While distributing over 25 products across various states in India, Kan Biosys also exports its high-quality products to more than 10 progressive countries.


The changing and fluctuating weather conditions, along with extensive use of chemical pesticides, have adverse effects on the health of the soil and crops. As a result, there has been a noticeable decline in crop production and productivity. To counteract this, Kan Biosys has introduced several popular products such as Taba, Vitormone, Sudo, Milastin K, Tricho-Shield Combat, Speed Kompost, CM-33, Nemastin, Brigade-B, and Brig Boss. These well-established products have been serving farmers in the Indian market for many years as effective preventive measures against the challenges posed by the current environmental and chemical conditions.


About Us


Kan Biosys is a specialized agri-biotech company operating in the realms of plant nutrition and pest management. With a vision to establish a presence across India and subsequently globally, Kan Biosys is steadfast in its commitment to unlock the full potential of plants through microbial inputs and precision agriculture.


The prevalent wasteful expenditure in agriculture not only escalates cultivation costs but also contributes to environmental pollution affecting food and water. Bio-fertility solutions, in the form of bio-fertilizers, offer a sustainable means to supplement Nitrogen and Phosphorus. PGPR bacteria (Plant Growth Promoting) significantly enhance plant growth.


Our primary objective is to assist farmers in maximizing yields while concurrently reducing toxic residues in food. We specialize in manufacturing innovative certified agri-inputs such as Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, and services for Soil Health Management.


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