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Deliveroo’s India Development Centre Achieves Remarkable Milestones in 2023

Hyderabad-India, 03 February 2024: The Hyderabad team at Deliveroo India Development Centre (IDC), a key player in Deliveroo’s global tech landscape, has showcased the achievements and significant milestones reached in 2023. 


IDC consistently acquired top tech talent and implemented crucial tech improvements that played a vital part in the achievements of the global Deliveroo success.  


IDC’s workforce experienced remarkable 125% growth, focusing on hiring experts in various fields such as front-end, back-end, full stack, mobile, DevOps, analytics, product, data science, and machine learning. 


Moreover, IDC achieved a higher gender diversity rate of 24%, ensuring a stronger representation of women in the workforce and the engineering sector. In early 2023, the company introduced the ‘India Women in Tech’ Group as part of its global Women in Tech Employee Resource Group (ERG), dedicated to enhancing gender diversity and empowering women in technical roles. Additionally, IDC launched a robust internship program aimed at diversifying the talent pipeline by collaborating with various colleges in India.


Throughout 2023, IDC significantly enhanced the consumer value proposition by refining their overall in-app experience. This included improvements in search functionality, promotional features, the Deliveroo Plus subscription offering, launching a gifting functionality and a new shopping service, and smoother payment methods. 


Furthermore, the IDC helped in launching Deliveroo’s in-app advertising allowing thousands of partners to advertise and run campaigns, which led to doubling Deliveroo’s global revenue. The IDC was also instrumental in revamping the rider onboarding platform, resulting in a remarkable reduction of onboarding costs per rider, substantially saving millions of pounds. 


Chowdary Venigalla, the Engineering Director at the IDC commented: “We take pride in the notable achievements of IDC in 2023, and as we move into the new year, our commitment involves expanding our team in India through strategic talent acquisition and strengthening leadership capabilities. We prioritise employee well-being programs and the implementation of training initiatives to ensure our team stays abreast of the latest industry trends. Our tech team’s focus continues to be on enhancing efficiency across all sides of our marketplace, Riders, Restaurants & shops, and Consumers.” 


Tech talents in India can be part of the team that is driving technological innovation in the food tech space by checking the roles at Deliveroo’s India Development Centre: 

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