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SN Swamy discloses censorship concerns with Mohanlal’s “Moonnam Mura”: “We had to reshoot and change the climax.”

<p>Renowned Malayalam playwright Sivaram Narayan Swamy, also known as SN Swamy, revealed something fascinating about the 1988 movie “Moonnam Mura,” which had Megastar Mohanlal in the main role. Even though there were some problems with the certification board, the film was very well-received and quite popular at the time.</p>
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<p>In an interview that SN Swamy recently did with Saina South Plus, she revealed that the movie’s conclusion was really a different version of the sequence that was rejected by the certification board.K Madhu directed the movie, which was Swamy and the director’s third joint venture.<br />
According to Swamy, the certification board had voiced concerns about the first climax, which showed a situation in which everyone is rescued and the news breaks in the media without naming the protagonist. The group was adamant about not portraying the cops in a bad light. In order to get certification, the filmmakers were forced to quickly reshoot a different conclusion because of time restrictions and their incapacity to contact the revision committee. In the updated conclusion, the cops are commended. It was a change from the first draft.<br />
According to Swamy, Mohanlal’s mother once saw the teaser before it was censored and objected to any changes being made to the ending. Changes that painted the police in a bad light, she emphasized, would not be permitted.<br />
The story of a group of senior political figures whose bus gets taken over by terrorists as they are traveling is told in “Moonnam Mura.” The terrorists demand that their fellow inmates be released from jail. When Mohanlal’s character, Ali Imran, an ex-cop, becomes embroiled in the negotiations to get them released, the narrative takes a dramatic turn. The ensemble cast of “Moonnam Mura” included Mukesh, Lalu Alex, Suresh Gopi, Revathi, and Mohanlal.</p>