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The Internet Is Talking About Janhvi Kapoor’s Alleged Pay for Devara and Ram Charan’s Upcoming Film

<p>Renowned Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is creating ripples in the Telugu cinema industry with her next ventures starring Ram Charan and Jr NTR, two superstars from RRR. Arriving in Telugu for the first time with Jr NTR in Kortala Siva’s Devara, Kapoor’s entry into Tollywood has attracted a lot of interest. She has also been chosen to play the main role in Ram Charan’s next film, which will be directed by Buchi Babu and has the working title RC16. According to reports, Kapoor is reportedly demanding a compensation of Rs 6 crore for her part in RC16, which is a substantial hike from her typical salary in the Hindi film business.</p>
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<p>The information about Kapoor’s revised price for RC16 has gone viral, with industry sources pointing out her pay increase, which is unusual. In contrast to other prominent Telugu actresses such as Samantha, Rashmika, and Sreeleela, Kapoor’s pay is much higher. In addition, there are rumors that Devara would be Kapoor’s debut Telugu movie, and her remuneration for the picture has reportedly increased significantly. Previous rumors had said that Kapoor would charge Rs 5 crore, but more current claims from Deccan Chronicle state that the staggering amount that Kapoor is now demanding for Devara is Rs 10 crore. Further rumors about Kapoor’s pay increase for her South Indian endeavors have been stoked by the actress’s and the movie’s lack of confirmation of these amounts.</p>
<p>In addition to RC16 and Devara, Kapoor is also said to be appearing in the mythical feature Karna, directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, with Tamil actor Suriya. According to reports, Kapoor will play Draupadi in this movie, which heightens the excitement around her variety of roles in various film genres. In addition, Kapoor will appear with Varun Dhawan in a romantic comedy film produced by Dharma Productions. It is anticipated that filming for this production would start in May or June 2024, enhancing Kapoor’s prominence in both Hindi and regional motion pictures. In addition, according to a number of sources, Janhvi has taken Sai Pallavi’s position as Sita in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan movie, which also stars Yash and Ranbir Kapoor.</p>
<p>As Kapoor broadens her views and explores new areas, her next projects should highlight her skill and adaptability on a grander scale, confirming her place among Bollywood’s most bright young stars.</p>