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Notes from campus: Inter-NIT Table Tennis Competition

<p>Jalandhar: By winning gold medals in the All India Inter-NIT Tournaments, the Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, has shown its dominance over the other 24 NITs in the nation in the area of sports. NIT Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) hosted the All India Inter-NIT Table Tennis (Girls) tournament, where NIT Jalandhar emerged victorious in the gold medal match by triumphing against the host team. Priyanka Bansal, a third-year B.Tech chemical engineering student and vice-captain, was awarded the Best Player of the Tournament trophy. In the All India Inter-NIT Cricket Tournament, which was recently conducted in NIT Rourkela (Odissa), the ladies’ cricket team from NIT Jalandhar also took home the gold trophy. The Annual Athletics Fest is scheduled for February 23–24, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Department at NIT Jalandhar. Prof. Binod Kumar Kanaujia, the director of NIT Jalandhar, complimented the table tennis team’s performance.</p>
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<p><strong>National budget live-screening</strong></p>
<p>The national budget was shown live for economics students at PCM SD College for Women’s PG Department of Economics. Students were better able to understand the government’s planned policy actions and allocations thanks to the live showing. Students were also given the opportunity to improve their critical thinking, civic involvement, and understanding of political and economic concerns via the program. The event was attended by BA and B.Sc. (Economics) students from Semesters II, IV, and VI. Principal Professor Pooja Prashar, Senior Vice-President Vinod Dada, and President Naresh Budhia supported the proposal to close the knowledge gap between academic learning and practical economic difficulties.</p>
<p><strong>Students Go to the Radio Station </strong></p>
<p>For the little ones, Ivy World Play School planned a visit to a radio station. The kids participated in a wide range of learning-based activities that produced an amazing atmosphere of exquisite erudition. The kindergarten pupils had the chance to learn more about the fascinating field of radio transmission during the excursion. Under the guidance of personnel, the young guests saw firsthand the busy control rooms and studios that house a live radio station. The youngsters had a priceless chance to learn about the fascinating world of media and storytelling during the tour. They were able to get an understanding of the exciting process of producing radio programming via participatory demonstrations and lively debates.</p>
<p><strong>Basant Panchami was honored. </strong></p>
<p>The children of St. Soldier Divine Public School in Maan Nagar celebrated Basant Panchami. The youngsters donned yellow outfits for the occasion. The event began with students, faculty, and group chairman Anil Chopra and vice-chairperson Sangeeta Chopra adoring Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning. The kids flew kites to commemorate the arrival of spring. Group Chairman Anil Chopra and Vice-Chairperson Sangeeta Chopra explained the significance of the day by stating that worshiping Saraswati on this day bestows blessings of knowledge and wisdom and that knowledge and wisdom also play a crucial role in shaping the future. After congratulating the students, Sangeeta Chopra gave them candies.</p>
<p><strong>Party at Eklavya School to say goodbye </strong></p>
<p>Students in Class 12 at Eklavya School in Jalandhar were given a goodbye celebration. The customary greeting of the Class XII students kicked off the celebration. The visitors were greeted and presented by Class XI students Arshdeep Kaur, Momrath, and Shivani Janghra. Arshdeep Kaur’s address opened the event, and students enjoyed themselves and their friends while participating in a variety of activities that provided flavor. The videos that their juniors showed the class loved. The kids were assigned titles based on their characteristics. Heena received the title of Miss Farewell, while Ankarjit received the title. A dancing performance by kids in Class XI received praise. The goodbye cake was cut by the pupils of Class XII. All of the instructors and students received refreshments. “You should be determined towards achieving your aim towards every step of your life,” stated director Seema Handa.</p>
<p><strong>The school says goodbye to pupils </strong></p>
<p>The Tagore’s International Smart School (TISS) administration, faculty, and students wish the departing Class XII students a kind goodbye. The day was a fiesta dedicated to remembering happy times shared with friends and teachers throughout the years. As they blessed the day with their benign presence, every one of the dignitaries received saplings as a token of appreciation. The musical trio sang heartfelt songs and then gave a heartfelt prayer. Sahil was Master Farewell in the boys’ group, followed by Jasnoor Singh in first place and Jugraj Singh in second. Ananya Jain was Miss Farewell in the girls’ division, Sakshi was first runner-up, and Prabhleen was second. All of the Class XII students received the wisdom light from Dean Vinod Shashi Jain. Ruchika Jain, the school director, blessed the pupils and gave them advice on how to achieve success.</p>
<p><strong>Students from DAV go to Kangra Fort </strong></p>
<p>An excursion to the Kangra Fort in Himachal Pradesh was arranged by MLU DAV College, Phagwara. More than fifty students and staff members went on the trip. The vacation served as a welcome diversion from the dry grind of schoolwork and was a rejuvenating experience. The students explored the picturesque view of the old Kangra Fort, constructed by the Rajputs of the Katoch dynasty, and relished the Himachal Pradesh scenery. In addition to Kangra Fort, the kids also went to the Bagalamukhi temple, which is situated in the same Himachal Pradesh area. The pupils had tremendous excitement and an amazing adventure from the river sights and the rugged environment.</p>
<p><strong>The birth dates of Saraswati and Dayan </strong></p>
<p>Mahila Hans Raj With Principal Prof. Ajay Sareen’s direction, Maha Vidyalaya commemorated Maharishi Dayan and Saraswati’s 200th birthday. Maharishi’s birthday ought to be observed as “Gyan Utsav,” according to Dr. Sareen. The principal expressed gratitude to the Sanskrit Department, Arya Yuvti Sabha, and Vedic Adjyan Samiti for their organizing efforts for the occasion. A number of celebration-themed activities were planned in honor of the occasion. Dr. Sareen, the principal, commended the winners of the many events. The Santoor International School principal, Dr. Jyoti Khanna, was praised by the principal for her speech. Over forty children took part in a poster-making competition that was organized. In the competition, Deepika placed first, Pooja second, and Sunaina third. Twenty students participated in a declamation competition on Maharishi Dayanand’s contributions, life, and the significance of his teachings in the contemporary world. Aditi and Rashmi received consolation awards, while Anchal, Jhanvi, and Muskan placed first, second, and third.</p>