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Sustainability 100+ Summit in Karnataka Drives Collaboration and Empowerment for Sustainable Growth

Bengaluru/New Delhi, 22 February, 2024: Marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Karnataka, the inaugural Sustainability 100+ Summit, a joint initiative by AB InBev India and Network18, successfully concluded on February 7th. The summit, themed “”Sustainable Future through Innovative Strategies in Climate Change and Water Stewardship” brought together prominent voices from government, industry, and civil society to discuss and drive collaborative action on critical sustainability challenges in the state. . Envisioned as a platform for transformative dialogue, the summit’s agenda was meticulously crafted around four crucial pillars: Climate Actions, Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, and Circular Packaging

The Karnataka Government, a staunch advocate for sustainability, hailed Sustainability 100+ for its visionary initiative and underscored the pivotal role of unified action in realising our sustainable development goals.

The event featured a distinguished keynote address by the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. D.K. Shivakumar, who emphasised the importance of collaboration and empowerment for achieving sustainable growth. Mr. Shivakumar said, As far as renewable energy is concerned, we have taken a leading effort. We have produced more than 10000 MW of renewable energy in the past two years. Let’s take it forward. Together, Karnataka will be much greener. We want to see that the natural and the nature mix together.” 

He added, “In our state of Karnataka, we have embarked on numerous initiatives aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. From harnessing renewable energy to fostering green agriculture, our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering, regardless of our partnership with corporate entities. I urge everyone here to embrace the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship by participating in this 100+ Sustainability Awards. This initiative celebrates those making strides in climate action, water stewardship, circular packaging, and smart agriculture.”

Applauding the Sustainability 100+ initiative, the Chief Guest of the summit, Mr LK Atheeq, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, shared the initiatives taken by the state government to achieve the sustainability goals. Addressing the gathering, he said, “Our approach to sustainability revolves around four key pillars: energy, transport, water, and waste management.” 

He further elaborated, “In energy, Karnataka proudly leads in renewable sources, with 63% of our 32 GW capacity coming from solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. In transport, we are spearheading sustainable public transport initiatives, including the introduction of 500 electric vehicles in Bangalore and orders for 1800 electric buses. Solid waste management is a priority, with a systematic campaign promoting waste segregation and recycling. We believe in turning waste into wealth, contributing to a circular economy.” 

Uniting in support of a sustainable future, Mr Jan Craps, CEO & Co-Chair, Budweiser Brewing Company APAC, said, “Our commitment to sustainability in India involves investing in water recharge stations, renewable energy, and farmer collaborations. Our goal is carbon neutrality by 2040, extending across our supply chain.” 

Kartikeya Sharma, President, AB InBev India said, “We take a great amount of pride in our efforts towards agriculture and our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of having fully skilled, connected and financially empowered farmers. These farmers and our operations are at great lengths, but this is where, ultimately, the power of the total ecosystem kicks in. The impact we are creating in one part of India is generating jobs in another part of India, contributing to revenue in a completely disassociated part of India, and that sort of the end to an impact. Our goal is the 2040 net zero objective as far as carbon neutrality is concerned, and that’s what we are working towards.”

Mr Puneet Singhvi, CEO – Digital & President – Corporate Strategy at Network18 Media & Investments, emphasized the critical importance of unified action, stating, “Effecting meaningful change necessitates a concerted, collective endeavor. At Network18, we staunchly advocate for the power of collaboration to magnify endeavors and yield impactful solutions. Leveraging our expansive network platforms, we serve as a catalyst for raising awareness and nurturing dialogue on pressing issues such as sustainability. Teaming up with AB InBev, for Sustainability 100+, our joint mission is to amplify voices, ignite action, and spearhead initiatives that chart the course towards a sustainable and equitable future for all.”

Through its inclusive approach and impactful discussions, the Sustainability 100+ Karnataka State Summit has catalysed momentum for sustainable practices, setting a precedent for collective action and driving positive change in the region.

Season 1 and Season 2 of the Sustainability100+ initiative shed light on India’s diverse landscape, exploring challenges across the sub-continent. The platform emerged as the one-stop knowledge hub to promulgate sustainability information and unite the community to shape a better world. Season 3 aims to build upon the groundwork laid in previous seasons, advancing the discussion and embedding sustainability in the Indian way of life. Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the central theme of the 2024 edition of Sustainability 100+ is ‘ACT FOR IMPACT’, accentuating the urgency to take action on aspiration for real-world impact.