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Sunday Design- Redefining Bespoke Decor

Global furniture and home decor brand Sunday Design has elevated the paradigm of timeless elegance by donning their presence for the second time at the India Design week’24 as the official VIP Lounge partners. The VIP lounge featured their new collection designer, Marconato & Zappa which features attainable yet contemporary Italian designs tailored for the Indian consumer.

The Sunday Design VIP Lounge at India Design ID’24 is a haven of tranquility, where clean lines and a soothing aesthetic converge to create a serene atmosphere. Carefully curated to radiate calm sophistication, this space effortlessly marries modern design elements with a luxurious touch, resulting in an ambiance that beckons relaxation and contemplation.

 The brand, recognized as a disruptor in the design industry, brings together the expertise of Italian and local designers to offer accessible luxury furniture and bespoke decor to the Indian market.

 Introducing the Marconato & Zappa collection, a fusion of classic design and contemporary flair. The sinuous and enveloping shape comes in various versions: a low backrest for casual conversations, a high backrest for relaxation with a headrest. Characterized by pronounced stitching and a slim, solid wood structure, these armchairs seamlessly blend into any environment, be it home, office, or hospitality spaces. The timeless appeal makes them versatile additions to modern-contemporary or traditional-classic-style furnishings.

Sunday Design’s unique approach to curating Italian designs has resonated positively with the Indian audience, reinforcing its position as a disruptor in the design world.

Moreover, Sunday Design venture into home improvement with Coast to Coast’s. It will redefine a new era of luxury furniture and decor in India. Coast to coast stands at the forefront of the wood veneer industry in India, renowned for its expectational quality and extensive range of products. With a reputation for excellence in architectural millwork, cabinetry and premium wood offerings sourced globally, it continues to set the standard for the interior infrastructure industry in India. 

Sunday is a global furniture and home decor brand based in India, offering an array of furniture and home décor pieces at accessible price points. Working with renowned designers from around the world, the brand aims to introduce modern and design-effective pieces that have never been seen before.

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