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Plastics For Change becomes the first organization to receive Social+OBP Certification

Plastics For Change (PFC), a global leader in addressing plastic pollution and enhancing the lives of informal waste pickers has proudly announced its achievement of B Corp certification and becoming the world’s first organization to receive Social + OBP (Ocean Bound Plastic) Certification. The biggest challenge brands face when transitioning away from virgin plastic is ensuring human rights compliance in the supply chain. According to the PEW charitable trust, 58% of all plastic collected for recycling globally originates from the informal waste economy. An estimated 15 million informal waste workers collect these plastics in supply chains that are unregulated and non-compliant with the new human rights legislation. 


Under the new legislation, companies need to develop supply chain strategies to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), and the Green Claims Directive. To comply with it, brands must provide data and third-party verification of their sustainability claims. Plastics For Change offers brands a robust solution, providing verified performance data and third-party verification through its Social + OBP and B Corp certifications. “Our certifications not only demonstrate compliance with legal standards but also provide brands with tangible evidence of their commitment to sustainability,” says Shifrah Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer, at Plastics For Change. 


The UN Global Plastic Treaty (GPT) is approaching reaching an agreement with 175 nations by the end of 2024, focusing on reducing virgin plastic and promoting sustainable alternatives. Plastics For Change is capable of seamlessly incorporating sustainability into its operations, aligning with the objectives of the treaty. Additionally, as the European Parliament approved a draft law on June 1st, 2023, mandating large companies to scrutinize their suppliers for child labor and environmental damage, PFC’s certifications demonstrate adherence to legal standards and offer Fair Trade verified recycled plastics with full transparency.


“Receiving B Corp and Social + OBP certification demonstrates our dedication to creating a responsible and sustainable future. Consumers want more data and third-party verification to back up green claims, we can deliver on that,” says Andrew Almack, CEO of Plastics for Change. “Majority of the brands have no visibility below the mill tiers when it comes to recycled polyester making it difficult for them to comply to the latest regulations, we have developed an ethical sourcing platform for high quality recycled plastic and now comes with the assurance & trust of global certifications, making it easier for brands & mills to adopt our solution” says Kapil Lakhwara, Director of Business Development, Plastics For Change.


Plastics For Change, now B Corp and Social + OBP certified, stands at the forefront offering brands verified performance and accountability. Its certifications facilitate the transition from virgin to recycled plastics while emphasizing its commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


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Plastics For Change collects discarded plastic from the environment and converts it into recycled materials that consumers love. It is the largest source of fair trade-verified recycled plastic. Its tech and small-scale infrastructure connect waste collectors with global brands to replace the use of fossil fuel-based plastic. This initiative is all about creating better livelihoods for the ultra-poor and preventing plastic from entering the ocean. It has been helping brands like The Body Shop and L’Oreal create a social impact through recycling since 2016.