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Vidyashilp University Welcomes Renowned Scholars to Redefine the Future of Education and Research

Bengaluru, [March 1,2024] – Vidyashilp University, a university on a mission to provide a disruptive learning experience, proudly announces the addition of two eminent faculty members, Dr. Mahendra BM, and Ms. Kavita Singh Kale, to its esteemed academic community. These new appointments underscore Vidyashilp University’s commitment to fostering interdisciplinary education and addressing contemporary challenges through a diverse pool of talent.


As the world hurtles towards an increasingly data-driven future, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning stand poised to revolutionize everything from healthcare and engineering to communication and entertainment. Vidyashilp University is at the forefront of this domain and is doubling down on its commitment to becoming a premier hub for AI and ML education and research with the appointment of Dr. Mahendra BM. 


An associate professor at the School of Computational and Data Sciences, Dr. Mahendra adds depth to the faculty with his specialization in machine learning, computer vision, and image processing. He has demonstrated his commitment to driving innovation in emerging technologies by establishing the EV Tech Centre of Excellence in partnership with Morris Garages. Dr. Mahendra’s pioneering patents include the development of a ‘Wireless head motion-controlled smart wheelchair for the disabled person’ and ‘A system for detection of coronavirus in human body using artificial intelligence’, showcasing his dedication to addressing pressing societal needs through technological advancements.



Vidyashilp University also recognizes the impact of design in shaping our interactions with the world around us, from cutting-edge technology to mundane interactions. This commitment to fostering the next generation of trendsetters in design is exemplified by the appointment of Ms. Kavita Singh Kale.


Ms. Kale, an associate professor at the School of Liberal Arts and Design Studies, brings a wealth of experience in branding, broadcast design, and children’s content creation.  As the Creative Director at Underground Worm Art & Design, and Moonbug Entertainment, her creative vision and industry insights will challenge the next generation of design professionals to raise the bar through bold innovation.


Reflecting on the enrichment of VU’s faculty community, Vice Chancellor, Prof. PG Babu, stated, “Vidyashilp University is committed to creating new knowledge at the intersection of various domains, and the addition of Mahendra, and Kavita to our faculty exemplifies our commitment to bringing in diverse perspectives. As we cultivate new avenues for impactful learning and groundbreaking research, their expertise will play a crucial role in shaping the future of higher education.”


With the recruitment of these renowned scholars, Vidyashilp University has strengthened its mission of curating impactful learning experiences that equip students with the intellectual capital to address the grand challenges of a globalized world.