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Abhishek Ray creates India’s national Cheetah anthem for NTCA.

India’s national Cheetah Anthem was released  by union cabinet minister of environment, forest and climate change Shri  Bhupender Yadav in Delhi.

This high energy song and music video is created by award winning Bollywood composer – singer Abhishek Ray. 

Abhishek ‘s lines ‘ Cheete ki raftaar, Bharat ki Raftaar ‘ were instantly picked up by National Tiger Conservation Authority and eversince he has been busy  composing and filming this prestigious anthem. 

The original soundtrack comprises of live central Indian percussion instruments and symphonic violins creating a pulsating effect along with high energy vocals by Abhishek Ray.  

Once the soundtrack was ready, Abhishek was faced with the daunting task of shooting a high energy music video to match the unstoppable energy of the anthem.  He spent days filming the achievements of new India from home grown technology, warplanes like the indigenous Tejas, the Vande Bharat trains, Ram Mandir, rockets, missiles, helicopters  and juxtaposed them with his high speed shots of wild cheetahs hunting and surviving in the newly established habitat of central India.

The Cheetah ( Acinonyx Jubatus ), the planet’s fastest land animal had to wait 70 years to return to it’s erstwhile range in central India.  ‘We have broken all records by facilitating this trans- continental relocation of  a mega predator for the first time in the conservation  history of the planet.  No other country has ever dared to make such bold step for conservation by bringing back an iconic species from the dead.’ says Abhishek. 

Apart from having composed music for iconic films like Paan Singh Tomar, I am Kalam,  Saheb Biwi aur Gangster, Welcome Back,  Life is good, Shagird, Yeh Saali Zindagi etc. , Abhishek Ray is known worldwide as the founder of Sitabani Wildlife Reserve. 

He invested all that he earned from Bollywood in rewilding a barren hill and converting it into a tiger- leopard corridor. Today Sitabani Wildlife Reserve is India’s first private wildlife reserve with wild tiger, and leopard presence and three fifty bird species. Abhishek Ray has been awarded with Swabhiman Bharat, the Amazing Indian award by the Vice President of India along with a letter of appreciation by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi for creating Sitabani Wildlife Reserve .

Abhishek feels that with his background steeped in wildlife conservation and music, it was destined for him to create the Cheetah anthem after creating India’s tiger anthem for NTCA  in 2010.

‘The word Cheetah is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word Chitraka meaning the spotted one. Thereby  India has not only corrected a historic blunder but also set a precedence for the world by bringing back what was always ours. ‘ mantains Abhishek.

Abhishek roped in famous singer Pratibha Singh Baghel to do the female vocals of the Cheetah anthem along with him.  This ambitious anthem would not be possible without the continuous support and guidance of Dr  Amit Mallick , IGF ( NTCA) and the collaboration of Bollywood star Jackie Shroff who agreed to lend his deep voice to Abhishek ‘s concluding lines ‘ Naya Bharat – Pragati aur Prakriti ke saath ‘.

Today naya Bharat  is on the fast track of success and  progress under the cutting – edge leadership of PM Modi and with the blessings of the fastest land animal on earth returning back to its erstwhile realm.


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