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Protium Triumphs DevOps Excellence in Infrastructure Management and Security Implementation at 3rd Annual India DevOps Show 2024

1st March 2024, National : Protium, an engineering-driven pan-India lending major, won the DevOps Excellence in Infrastructure Management and Security Implementation at the 3rd Annual India DevOps Show 2024 by QuanticIndia, held in Bangalore on 16th Feb ’24.  


Established in 2019, Protium has broadened its geographical presence, now spanning over 85 branches across 70+ cities and catering to more than 15,000 pin codes. Over its tenure, Protium has facilitated disbursements exceeding INR 9,000 Cr through a diverse array of products, encompassing Loans Against Property, Business Loans, Line of Credit, and Machinery & Equipment Finance. Concurrently, Protium manages a loan book exceeding INR 5,000 Cr.


Protium’s remarkable success in DevOps, coupled with recognition, underscores its unwavering commitment to cultivating continuous improvement through robust infrastructure management and proactive security measures, furthering its standing in the field. Central to Protium’s triumph is its steadfast dedication to agility, a foundational principle embraced wholeheartedly by its Engineering team. This ethos is evident in their adept utilization of advanced engineering practices such as SDLC, Infrastructure as Code, and cloud-native scalable applications. These methodologies ensure unparalleled quality and enable swift updates and enhancements, which are crucial for advancing a burgeoning enterprise.


Protium prioritizes cost management in the competitive landscape and emphasizes security in the fintech domain. Protium demonstrates a proactive commitment to safeguarding sensitive financial data through strategic measures to reduce unnecessary expenses and innovative techniques for secure server access and threat mitigation.


A testament to Protium’s astute utilization of cloud resources is evident in its adept handling of AWS services. The expeditious deployment, minimal service downtime, and fortified security protocols underscore Protium’s mastery in leveraging AWS to its fullest potential. Through optimized usage of AWS services, Protium adeptly scales its applications to seamlessly accommodate the growing demands of its extensive customer base of 10 lac. 


Protium is ready for the future as it combines the flexibility of a young fintech with the wisdom gained from years of experience. Protium aims to become India’s most respected finance company by focusing on basic principles to promote financial equity.


Quantic India, a prominent B2B business media company, hosts extensive awards ceremonies and conferences nationwide, focusing on industries such as BFSI and Technology. With over a decade of experience orchestrating business media events, Quantic India enjoys international acclaim for its proficiency in this realm.


About Protium- Protium is a pan-India lending major that was founded in 2019 to provide transformative financing solutions to fuel the ambitions of a New India. Headquartered in Mumbai, Protium is an engineering-driven lending company with a deep focus on risk management & profitability. We focus on lending to MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium businesses), which is a very critical, yet under-served, segment of the Indian economy, through a variety of offerings including Loans Against Property, Business Loans, Education Institutional Finance, and Machinery & Equipment finance. Protium has a pan_india foot-print through 85+ branches in 65+ cities. Protium’s strong and growing offline presence helps it deliver an exceptional customer experience. Protium has an AUM of ~ INR. 5,000 Cr, having disbursed more than INR 9,000 Cr till date through its wide range of products