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Fintech Expert Mr. Krishna Potnis Unleashes a Masterpiece: This Amazon Best-Seller Is  Must-Read for All Fintech Enthusiasts

Mr. Krishna Potnis, a distinguished Fintech leader with a stellar 23+ years of experience in the dynamic realm of digital payments, has recently launched his book “Connecting Fintech: Building Techno-Financial Bridge Using 5D Model.” 

The Amazon best-seller is available all over the world, all set to redefine the landscape of Fintech literature!

Through this book, the author provides a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the Fintech industry’s trends, ecosystems, and methodologies.

Anticipating future trends, addressing challenges, and exploring ethical considerations, Mr. Potnis prepares his readers for the next phase of financial innovation.

The book’s brilliance lies in its structure – a historical overview of finance and technology lays a robust foundation, progressing into innovative technologies like blockchain and AI.

The 5D Model – Democratisation of Finance, Decentralisation of Finance, Disruptions, Directive Regulatory and Data’s impact on Fintech – serves as the book’s guiding framework.

The model offers readers a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the Fintech world.

The book also covers the early days of payments to the current DeFi system. 

The author navigates the diverse roles of stakeholders like banks, Lend Tech, Wealth Tech, and InsurTech. 

He highlights the significance of privacy and understanding the role of PCI Data Security Standards and General Data Protection Regulation. 

The book delves into innovations and disruptions like CBDC, ONDC, OCEN, and SuperApp. 

It talks about the mechanics of financial fraud, exploring detection algorithms like ‘Random Forest,’ Support Vector Machine, and KNN.

And all this in a simple language that even someone outside the Fintech realm can understand.

Talking about the author, he is more than a Fintech maestro. Apart from being the Senior Engineering Director at Verifone, Mr. Potnis is also a three-time President Award winner! In Verifone

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Some call him a Payments Architect, while others think of him as a thought leader and mentor. After all, he has spent over two decades as a Fintech professional, mentoring and building high-performing engineering teams.

When asked about his vision, the author talked about building new-generation Fintech solutions. These solutions would be easy to adopt and include in a highly secure financial ecosystem.

This book takes him one step closer to achieving that vision for the Fintech world.

For the reader, whether they are in the banking, real estate, or investment field, or they are simply an enthusiast who knows the possibilities of this lucrative industry, the book can be a game-changer!

“Connecting Fintech” is a must-have guide for everyone seeking to thrive in the Fintech landscape – from Fintech enthusiasts to Fintech CXOs.  

The book stands out for its accessibility, making complex concepts digestible without oversimplification. 

With real-life case studies, interviews with industry experts, and thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, it enriches the learning experience. Thus ensuring it appeals to both novices and experts in finance and technology.

Learn more about Mr. Krishna Potnis and “Connecting Fintech” at 

For media inquiries, interview requests, or review copies, please contact Krishna Potnis on Linkedin.