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Various Things You May Expert from the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour


Every individual in the world dreams to explore the beauty of the Himalayan region and enjoy several breathtaking views of Mount Everest. However, not everyone can afford to spend about 10 days to 15 days or possess enough physical fitness to go for a classic trek to the Everest base camp.  

Luckily, one can now get an Everest Base Camp helicopter tour as an alternative trip plan. The trip gives the feel and thrill of getting close to the majestic Himalayan mountains with limited time, physical fitness, and energy. Here, you will know various things to expect during your complete helicopter tour.

Key Highlights of Your EBC Helicopter Tour

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour possesses the following key highlights for worldwide tourists-

Flying above the entire Himalayan region from Kathmandu to Lukla and then from Lukla to Kalappathar to view Mount Everest. 

A scenic and thrilling helicopter ride in your complete journey

Landing at the famous Everest View Hotel in Syangboche to further enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Himalayan mountains

Exploring the beauty of Lukla and Kathmandu

Familiarity with the lifestyle and traditions of the Sherpa people

Flying above the Sherpa’s land across the famous Khumbu/Everest region

Exploration of the museums and monasteries of the entire Khumbu region

Walk on diverse landscapes accompanied by the worldwide highest mountain peaks, such as Mount Lhotse, Mount Nuptse, Mount Makalu, and Mount Ama Dablam. 

Witnessing Khumbu Glacier, the highest mountain glacier in the world

Khumbu Icefall, an amazing sight in Nepal

The closest view of the mighty Mount Everest at about 8848 meters

Encounters with several wild lives, like snow leopards, pheasants, musk deer, and Himalayan Tahr in the surrounding Sagarmatha National Park. 

Features and Benefits of the EBC Helicopter Tour 

Now, that you have already become familiar with the tour highlights, you should check its features and benefits as follows-

Flying at About 6400 meters in Regular Weather

The helicopter will fly across Mount Everest at about 6400 meters in regular weather conditions. However, the height further depends on the weight of passengers/travelers and the wind. In this situation, hiring a private charter will provide you with the outstanding experience of flying across the mountain instead of above the mountains.

Tour Lasts for 4 Hours to 5 Hours

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour lasts for about 4 hours to 5 hours. Furthermore, a group of experienced pilots heads your flight to guarantee your comfort and safety during the entire journey.    

Eliminates Physical Exertion of the Trek

The entire journey involves flying above the snow-capped mountain peaks instead of walking/trekking for many hours. Indeed, the EBC helicopter tour eliminates all sorts of physical exertions needed for any trek. Instead, you will fly around the mountains to achieve a safe and comfortable means to experience the entire Himalayan beauty in Nepal. 

Breathtaking Experience while Flying Across Mount Everest

The journey involves a breathtaking experience with a unique perspective associated with flying across Mount Everest and enjoying its stunning vistas from your helicopter. The best thing is that you will view several snow-capped mountain peaks and their surrounding valleys while flying across the mountain regions. Each of these aspects offers you unmatched panoramic views. 

Icefalls and Glaciers of the Surrounding Mountains

Other than Mount Everest, the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour allows you to view the icefalls and glaciers of the mountains surrounding Everest. A few of the neighboring peaks are Mount Makalu, Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Nuptse, Mount Lhotse, and similar others. 

Customization based on Extra Activities 

Depending on the package you choose/buy, you may experience a thrilling flight on the Chola Pass, a stopover at the surrounding Gokyo Lak, breakfast/refreshments at any high altitude, and participation in additional activities. 

A Glimpse of Sherpa Villages

Lastly, your flight associated with the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour provides you with a glimpse of various traditional Sherpa people, local villages, and their unique lifestyles. 


The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour involves a scenic helicopter flight to give breathtaking views of the almighty Mount Everest and other famous mountains belonging to the Himalayas. Tourists may anticipate flying on various famous sites, like the Gokyo Lakes, the Khumbu Glacier, and Sherpa villages in the complete tour. Also, you may touch Kala Patthar, a famous location to give a 360-degree view of Mount Everest and other high mountain peaks of Nepal.