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Best High-Speed Internet Broadband Plans and Offers in Delhi in 2024

Having a dependable and fast internet connection is becoming more of a need than an extravagance in the digitally connected world of today. An internet connection that is strong is essential whether you work from home, stream your favourite shows, or just keep in touch with friends and family. This post will examine Delhi’s broadband market, with a particular emphasis on ACT Fibernet’s internet plans, and assist you in selecting the best wifi plan for your requirements. We will help you choose a budget friendly broadband plan in Delhi by outlining all the services that are offered by internet services providers in Delhi like ACT Fibernet to help you choose your ISP in Delhi.

High Speed Internet – Fastest Internet in Delhi

ACT Fibernet is one of the fastest wired broadbands in Delhi. ACT Fibernet’s internet subscription packages in Delhi start from 50 Mbps at 549 and go up to 1Gbps internet speeds. 


ACT SmartFiber® technology, powering ACT Fibernet connections is a high-speed Internet connection with dedicated virtual speed lanes. Which means that you don’t share your bandwidth with other users and get speeds that you’ve paid for. An average user requires internet speeds of 100 Mbps to surf, stream and work interrupted over multiple devices, hence, plans of 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps are ideal for users with high internet usage to effectively manage their internet usage. With an emphasis on offering quick connectivity, packaged entertainment, and limitless data at a reasonable price, ACT Fibernet features well-known OTT apps and live TV channels without additional fees.


Improved Wi-Fi6 Mesh routers are also included in some plans, guaranteeing better speeds and seamless multi-device functionality, which we’ve covered in detail in this article.


Broadband Plans

Monthly Rental


ACT Welcome


50 Mbps

ACT Silver Promo


150 Mbps

ACT Platinum Promo


250 Mbps



1 Gbps

Get Unlimited Data Internet Plans

ACT Fibernet currently offers three broadband plans in Delhi, each of which includes a unique set of services in addition to high-speed Internet access. Let’s look at the ACT Fibernet broadband plans in Delhi in more detail. The ACT Silver Promo, which offers 150 Mbps for 799, is the most affordable plan. The ACT Platinum promo, which offers 250 megabits per second for 1049, and the ACT Diamond promo, which offers 300 megabits per second for 1349, are the next two options.

Additional Streaming Offers

Many ISPs bundle their internet plans to include streaming app offers to make their plans more attractive and hassle free. Some of the offers by ACT Fibernet are:

  • One month free trial of Zee5 Premium
  • 34% off on the Hungama Play subscription
  • 50 INR off on Aha membership
  • 25% off on Epicon membership

Latest IPv6 Protocol and Add-on Security Devices

ACT Fibernet is dual-stack ready. That is, it is fully upgraded to the latest IPv6 protocol. With this update, ACT Fibernet users will experience vastly improved performance, auto-configuration of devices, and increased security. Its (IPV4/6) technology enables better safety and future scalability for IoT. IPSec is incorporated into IPv6 and provides built-in authentication and privacy capabilities. This ensures data integrity, secrecy, and authentication. In addition to your internet plans, ACT Fibernet has multiple security services that you can take advantage of with your membership.

  • ACT Shield: Cyber security has become the lifeline of digital presence. It keeps your network well-protected from complicated cyber-attacks that might cause serious damages. ACT Shield is a comprehensive security application to serve and protect the growing cyber security needs with all cyber safety and security features under one umbrella. ACT SHIELD is a product launched in collaboration with F-Secure which is an award-winning internet security software provider. ACT Shield is available in packs of 2,3,5 device licences per subscription.

  • ACT Home Camera: Monitor the security of your home right from your mobile. You can communicate with your loved ones in real time thanks to two-way audio. Finally, local storage with a microSD card allows for up to 128 GB of storage, providing security, convenience, and peace of mind.

Choosing ACT Fibernet Internet Plans in Delhi

ACT Fibernet intends to advance broadband connectivity. ACT broadband services are among the high speed internet connections in Delhi, thanks to the latest SmartFiber technology. Customers can connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously and smoothly thanks to ACT’s high speed internet connection. ACT broadband providers offer not only fast speeds but also low prices.


ACT Fibernet offers broadband plans keeping in mind the usage and requirement of the users, thus, there are tons of plans to choose from. While most plans are said to come with unlimited internet data, there is a FUP limit of 3300 GB per month. But since this huge amount is quite impossible to consume in a month, it’s directly regarded as “unlimited”. Upon exhaustion of the said limit, the speeds will be limited and vary according to each plan. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all the different plans offered by ACT in various cities.