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SIG leading the packaging industry with contemporary packaging solution

In the ever-evolving dynamic Indian marketplace, packaging plays a significant role in captivating consumers’ attention and keeping the product safe. SIG, a Swiss-based packaging company, is navigating these challenges and fulfilling the emerging markets’ requirements with its innovative packaging and state-of-the-art filling facility. 

Since entering the Indian market in 2018, SIG has become one of the leading packaging providers in the country, recording four times growth in just a span of five years. Collaborating with some of the leading FMCG companies of India, including Milky Mist, Amul, Parle Agro, Coca-Cola, ITC, Milky Mist, PepsiCo, KMF, Dabur, Haldiram, and Creamline Dairy, SIG has widened its presence in the market, earning a reputation of producing the most creative packages as per the diverse needs of the clients. 

Discussing the company’s strategy for growth and development, Ms Vandana Tandan, Head of Markets for India and Bangladesh at SIG said, “Indian FMCG market is growing exponentially. It is one of the leading producers of dairy, which makes the country a crucial destination for investment. We laid the foundation of our first aseptic carton packs in Ahmedabad last year and plan to invent a sum of INR 880 crores over the period of 2023-2025. This new facility will help us expand our roots and solidify our presence in the country.” 

SIG will invest in a phased manner in its Ahmedabad plant, which upon completion of its first phase will produce up to 4 billion packs per annum and with subsequent investments the production capacity is expected to increase up to 10 billion packs per annum. 

Ms Tandan further underscored that considering the anticipated growth of the country’s food and beverage packaging industry, SIG perceives India as a promising market both in terms of value and volume. As per the All India Food Processors Association, the Indian food and beverage packaging industry is expected to touch the USD 86 billion mark by 2029, representing a significant portion of the global packaging product industry. 

The company is also focused on reaching the net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050 adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid out by the United Nations. Ms Tandan stated, “Sustainability, in itself, is a vast term, and incorporating it into business practices is a complex and time-taking process.” 

She added that SIG adheres to stringent environmental, quality, and safety standards to meet the diverse needs of food and beverage producers and consumers. It procures all the raw materials responsibly and is even dedicated to removing the aluminium lining from its aseptic packages to lower its carbon footprints. 

SIG recently also participated in the 50th Dairy Industry Conference hosted by the Indian Dairy Association (IDA) in Hyderabad, where it showcased its innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

The company presented its flagship small-size carton packaging solutions SIG XSlimBloc and SIG SmileSmall. The main spotlight was on SIG SlimlineBloc and SIG MidiBloc, both available in volume sizes from 500ml to 1,000ml. 

Attending the conference, Mr Abdelghany Eladib, President & General Manager IMEA at SIG said, “As a leading milk producer, accounting for 24% of global milk production, India stands as a crucial destination for SIG. The Dairy Industry Conference serves as an exceptional platform to engage with professionals and experts from the sector, helping us understand the challenges and emerging market needs. SIG is committed to serving the customers and consumers with safe, sustainable, and affordable packaging solutions, and such events help us gain market insights to improve our offerings for the better.” 

The Dairy Industry Conference was centered around the theme of “Indian Dairying: Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. Hosting Indian and international exhibitors from across the globe, the conference aimed to address contemporary issues concerning dairy entrepreneurship backed by innovations in the industry. SIG displayed its innovative packaging solutions and filling technology for the second time at this conference.