top 5 engineering college in India 19-20

do you know the best engineering college in India? then you are in right place here know about the top 5 engineering colleges in India these colleges are according to the data submitted by the NIRF .

Manipal institute of technology

this engineering college offering 1860+ seats for engineering.manipal has 8000 gross students. from the last few years, Manipal placement scores are decline .last year they have 860 placement their placement percentage is 57.5%.maipal has 43 ranks according to NIRF.

Sastra College

This engineering college offering 2090+ seats for engineering and a total of 8098 students studying in an undergraduate engineering program. the placement at of Sastra is increased by 92.4% by placing 1488 students.sastra is ranking no 38 according to NIRF.

SSN College of engineering

ssn has 900 total engineering seats and ssn has gross 3700 students. ssn has maintained its placement rate from the past 3 years with 93% last year. last year they place 633 students.according to NIRF it has 36 ranks in India.

Amity university

Amity University Noida offering 2200 seats for engineering.and they have 7978 total students.amity has a low placement rate across 2019 they have 56.6% last year. last year they placed 977 students. this university is ranked 35 according to NIRF.


Birla institute of technologies and science, they offering 2608 seats for engineering.they has a total of 8870 students. from the last year, their placement rate is a little high.last year they place 1577 ranks 25 ranks in India according to NIRF.

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