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Release of the BJP's election platform for the Karnataka Assembly by JP Nadda

The party's manifesto or vision statement for the Karnataka Assembly elections was unveiled by Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda on Monday in Bengaluru.
Both current chief minister Basavaraj Bommai and former chief minister BS Yediyurappa were present. The BJP has said in past manifestos that it has impacted every aspect of society.
The party has also included cow protection measures in its programme for the 2018 Assembly elections.
In the last round of the BJP's campaign for the Karnataka elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also running for office.
He has already held a series of rallies and roadshows, the most recent of which took place on Sunday in Mysuru, a longtime JDS stronghold.
The BJP, Congress, and JDS are seen to be in a triangular race, and all three are giving it their best. However, some political heavyweights have engaged in insulting behaviour. The Congress, which teamed up with the JDS to win the previous Assembly election, made the decision to run unopposed this time.
On Sunday, Prime Minister Modi strongly criticised Mallikarjuna Kharge for calling him a “poisonous snake” while speaking at an election rally in Kolar.
According to PM Modi, the Karnataka electorate would provide the BJP with a “befitting reply” to Kharge's statement in the next Assembly elections.
The national president of the Congress stated, “PM Modi is like a 'poisonous snake,' you might wonder if it's poison or not,” during a rally on Thursday in Kalaburagi. However, if you lick it, you die.
PM Modi responded to the comment by stating, “The Congress is obviously agitated by my continuous campaign against corruption. Even I am now being threatened by it. They are yelling, “PM Modi, your grave will be dug,” in Hindi. In these elections, snake venom seems to be the sole talking subject for the Congress. They are trying to get votes by comparing me to a snake. I compare the people of Karnataka to Lord Shiva. For those who are like gods to me, I don't mind being the serpent around their necks. On May 10, the people of Karnataka will respond to them appropriately.
Additionally, PM Modi referred to the Congress as a “outdated engine”.
On May 13, the votes for the Karnataka Assembly will be tallied.

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