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After the Pune concert was cancelled, AR Rahman called it a "Rockstar Moment"

When the Pune police recently interrupted his presentation in the midst of it, AR Rahman broke his silence. Because the show ran past the allotted time of 10 p.m., it was cancelled. On Monday, AR Rahman shared a video from an occasion when he performed on stage with other artists and singers. A policeman entered the stage when AR Rahman was singing.
Thank you Pune for all the love and joy was written in the video. Also responding to the video, AR Rahman said, “By the way, we had a rockstar moment too ;).” In the video, a police officer approaches the stage, points to Rahman, and orders his group to stop performing. This happened when the Rockstar song Sadda Haq by AR Rahman played in the background.
After the video had finished, AR Rahman grinned and said, “Okay. I believe we have spent too much time and too much affection. It's over; we're done. Time has run out. I like this. Thank you to the organisers, the city of Pune, and the great band. 'We hope to see you soon' was put at the bottom of the last video.
AR Rahman posted the video and asked, “Did we all just experience the 'Rockstar' moment on stage yesterday? I believe we did. The audience's devotion overwhelmed us, and we continued wanting to offer more.Pune, once again, I want to thank you for such a special evening. Here's a little clip from our roller coaster experience ;).

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