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OTT Allows You The Luxury To Be True To Your Craft, Says Homi Adajania

Disney+Hotstar's “Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo” marks the directorial debut of Homi Adajania on the streaming service. What an entrance, Homi! Please bow. Dimple Kapadia, Radhika Madan, Isha Talwar, and Angira Dhar are the series' executive producers. Key parts have also been portrayed by Varun Mitra, Monica Dogra, Deepak Dobriyal, and Naseeruddin Shah, among others. Adajania has imagined a universe with four strong women who conduct their lives according to their own rules. There are surprises and humor. Homi described it as “the most masala thing” he had ever created.
I asked the “Cocktail” director what he anticipated from the show when we met before the premiere of “Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo,” and he said that he hoped the audience would be thoroughly amused and understand that there is no “yardstick to the show.”
There is no shared experience, so you can't really say, “Oh, this is like that,” he said. It essentially sprang from a fake, crazy place in my head. It's the most masala thing I've ever produced, and I don't believe we can compare it to anything else. Everything about it is blocking my path, in other words. Therefore, I consider it to be very engaging and binge-worthy.
I can concur that Homi was correct after seeing the episodes. The television program “Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo” has all the ingredients to keep you interested.
Adajania added an intriguing detail regarding the program when he said, “When I was working on the rough cut… Typically when you produce a film, you get to watch your material over and over again when you are doing edit, soundtrack, and everything else, you are repeatedly going over the same thing. It's pakao enough. But what really occurred in this instance is extremely unexpected. After viewing the last three episodes, I recall having a meeting. I must have just locked the rough edit of the last three episodes when I viewed it for the thirtyth time and was completely awestruck. I arrived at the meeting location fatigued, turned around, and informed the men that I needed a ten-minute break since I had just seen something and was utterly floored by it. I was questioned about it. I responded by saying that although it is really odd and prejudiced for my own work, it is somewhat similar. There is definitely something unique about it.
Compared to other platforms, OTT allows producers to explore ideas more broadly. “I think when we talk about OTT, we talk about web series format or rather a long format,” he stated in response. I really believe that you have the freedom to do that. Additionally, the audience consumes the extended format with a totally distinct sensibility. In other words, they are ready to suspend what would kind of boring the viewer in a big picture storyline.
You may experiment with the uncomfortable stretches of emptiness and pregnant pauses, he said. A feature film does not have the luxury of allowing you to accomplish all of that, but you can with a web series. I thus really like that. I like that you can be completely true to your art; there is no pressure to use specific commercial tools on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because, at the end of the day, it's business and you need to draw in as many customers as possible on those days. In that regard, OTT allows you the freedom to be true to your art since you are not required to utilize certain resources that are necessary for making major films, such as certain actors or a set number of songs to promote the product. When you choose a lengthy format, you may avoid dealing with all of that. Thus, you are free to adhere to your trade.
Every now and again, Homi shows up with a boom. He said, “I have the rest of my life, too, which entails diving, skiing, hiking, and babysitting. Telling tales is one of those things that I do as well. Due of this, I don't produce many movies. but stating that my retirement goal is to begin producing films.

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