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After parting ways with Sania Mirza, Misbah-ul-Haq makes fun of Shoaib Malik over a “family issue,” and an old video becomes viral

<p>Social media has been ablaze with conversations and viewpoints regarding the divorce of veteran Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik from the Indian tennis legend, despite Sania Mirza’s request for privacy and her desire to avoid speculating. Malik, 41, announced his marriage to well-known Pakistani actress Sana Javed earlier this week. Amidst the many remarks on X and Instagram, an old video with former Pakistan captain Mishabh-ul-Haq making fun of Malik for “family issues” on a cricket discussion program went viral.</p>
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<p>Malik posted images of his wedding to Javed on X on Saturday afternoon, writing, “And we created you in pairs.” Subsequently, the Pyaare Afzal actress confirmed their marriage by changing her bio from Sana Javed to Sana Shoaib Malik and posting a similar text with photos from the occasion.</p>
<p>The significant news was made in the midst of speculation about his split with Sania. While the conversation persisted on social media, the six-time Grand Slam champion and her group confirmed on Sunday that they “have been divorced for a few months now.”</p>
<p>While it’s impossible to say for sure when Malik and Sania’s marriage began to falter, social media users have discovered a video that seems to indicate that issues were present in 2022. The film was shot during the 2022 T20 World Cup on the sets of A Sports’ popular Pakistani cricket talk program, “The Pavilion.” However, it wasn’t live TV; rather, it was only a tape made by the anchor for his personal social media post, in which he questioned Misbah about why she seemed to be having so much fun on the sets. Malik, who was on the panel alongside Wasim Akram, the renowned cricketer, said that it was because he wasn’t with his family. “If a person goes through an issue in their personal life, they people everyone else has the same problem,” mischievously said Misabh.</p>
<p>Malik, a seasoned cricket player for Fortune Barishal in the present Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2024, resumed competitive play one day after getting married.</p>