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GD Goenka University and Fortis National Mental Health Program host India’s Largest Counselor’s Summit on Exams, Performance & Skills

Gurugram, Jan 29th, 2024 -, GD Goenka University in partnership with Fortis National Mental Health Program brought together school Counselors from across India for the ‘VARTAH 2.0: National School Counselors’ Winter Edition Summit on Exams, Performance & Skills. 


Led by Dr. Samir Parikh; Chairperson, Fortis National Mental Health and Dr. Anjali Midha Sharan; Dean- Research & Development & Dean – School of Liberal Arts at GD Goenka University, this pioneering initiative aims to enhance mental health awareness in educational institutions.  


The summit provided a dynamic platform where participants engaged in crucial discussions that impact students’ well-being. Themes included raising awareness about mental health issues, advocating for necessary educational policy changes, and emphasizing practical measures for fostering a healthy and inclusive mental health culture in schools. GD Goenka University demonstrated its commitment to social well-being, emphasizing a positive approach to sports and academics. Renowned experts engaged in discussions on ‘Counselling in Schools: Challenges and Solutions,’ highlighting the importance of personal and professional relationships. The conversation underscored the role of technology and the transformative impact of NEP 2020 on traditional examination systems. 


A focused session highlighting ‘Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention,’ emphasizing the ongoing efforts of counselors was also included. The summit concluded with discussions on ‘Examinations: A Collaborative Approach Between Stakeholders,’ emphasizing the necessity for collaboration and recognizing schools as spaces for holistic student development. 


Mr. Nipun Goenka, Managing Director, GD Goenka Group remarked: “ I’m delighted to see our partnership with Fortis Healthcare strengthen each year and to witness the high school community participating with such zeal. This goes to show that our collective efforts will certainly bring more focus on mental health and well-being for the youth, and that school communities and parents today are consciously driving this change. We commit ourselves entirely to this cause going forward as well.” 


Dr. Samir Parikh, Chairperson, Fortis National Mental Health Program quoted: “It’s important to focus on skills building, performance and instill the zeal for success in students. Counselors have an important role to play in this. It’s our collective responsibility to make exams a skill for life. Vartah is a unique initiative which brings together multiple stakeholders for the school mental health.”  


Prof. (Dr.) Anjali Midha Sharan, Dean – Research & Development and Dean – School of Liberal Arts,GD Goenka University said: “Vartah has provided a platform for collaboration, dialogue and meaningful engagements amongst School counselors and mental health professionals. With several competitive and board exams being just around the corner, this winter Vartah was appropriately themed and with participation from schools across the length and breadth of the country, the impact will be far-reaching and we hope several students benefit.”