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‘I will not forget to bring my fees tomorrow’, teacher suspended for making students write on notebook

An inhuman incident of punishing students for not paying school fees has come to light in Thane, Maharashtra. The incident is of a private school. After the matter came to the fore, the school administration has also taken action against the accused female teacher. The lady teacher who punished the students for not paying the fees has been suspended.

According to the news articles, the class teacher of class VI in a private school in Thane punished the students for not paying the school fees. On April 19, the female teacher made the students, who could not pay the fees, write ‘I will not forget to bring my fees tomorrow’ 30 times in their notebooks. The video clip of the female teacher speaking to write this went viral on social media.

After the video clip of the teacher went viral on social media, the parents started protesting against it. When protests started regarding the matter, the Thane Municipal Corporation also took it seriously. Municipal commissioner Abhijeet Bhangar instructed the officials of the education department to go to the concerned school and investigate the matter.

Thane Municipal Corporation has now issued a statement informing that the education officer has gone to the concerned school and conducted an investigation. In the statement, information has also been given about the suspension of the teacher by the school management. It has also been said in this that the education department has also asked the concerned school to take appropriate action against the teacher.

The education department has also warned the concerned school to curb such incidents and has clearly said that such incidents should not happen in future. The matter is also being investigated by the school. The education department is also keeping an eye on the investigation being conducted by the school management.

The Municipal Commissioner of Thane has said about this that it is wrong to put pressure on the students in this way. Harassment of students emotionally or physically is prohibited under the Right to Education Act. Such incidents have a serious impact on the mental health of students and schools need to be aware of this.

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