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Jyoti Chhatri wants to be included in the Indian hockey team for the Olympics

<p>Forward Jyoti Chhatri of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team thinks her participation in the just-finished 5 Nations Tournament Valencia 2023 has improved her as a player.</p>
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<p>against the last year, the 19-year-old has been an integral part of the Indian Junior Women’s Hockey Team setup. She participated in all six of India’s games at the FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2023, and she scored a goal in the exciting 3–3 (3–2 SO) victory against New Zealand. She also had a significant part in India’s 2023 Women’s Junior Asia Cup gold medal-winning effort.</p>
<p>Although Jyoti made her senior squad debut earlier this year against England in the 2023 4 Nations Women’s Invitational Tournament (Barcelona), the Valencia 2023 5 Nations Tournament provided her with another excellent opportunity to face some of the best teams, including Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Belgium.</p>
<p>“I was thrilled to be included in the Valencia tour squad.” Having the chance to practice with the senior squad is always a fantastic learning experience. I gained an understanding of the perseverance and mental toughness required to compete and succeed at the greatest levels by playing competitive matches against such formidable opponents, Jyoti said.</p>
<p>In Valencia, the Indian women’s hockey team lost their first two games of the competition, 2-3 against Spain and 1-2 to Belgium. India concluded the tournament with an exciting 2-1 victory against Ireland, after a 1-3 loss to Germany in their first match.</p>
<p>Jyoti commented on the outcomes, saying, “Even though we didn’t have the best results on the tour, we were still able to improve with every game and identify the key areas we needed to focus on.” We have larger competitions coming up the next year, so it was a significant series for us. We believe that we learned a lot from the series, and it has aided in our development as a unit.</p>
<p>India hopes to qualify for the Olympics in Paris in 2024 by playing in the crucial FIH Hockey Olympics Qualifiers Ranchi 2024. The Indian Women’s Hockey Team’s schedule is as follows: on January 13, they play the United States; on January 14, they play New Zealand; and on January 16, they play Italy in their last Pool B match. Germany, Japan, Chile, and the Czech Republic make up Pool A.</p>
<p>“My personal confidence has increased as a result of the training trip in Valencia, and I am optimistic that I will have the opportunity to play for the Indian team in the Ranchi 2024 FIH Hockey Olympics Qualifications. I feel that this last year has really helped me grow as a player, and I can’t wait to seize any chance that presents itself.</p>
<p>When I needed aid, the coaches, support staff, and veteran players were really helpful and supportive. Every player’s aim is to represent their country in the Olympics, and Jyoti concluded, “Hopefully, our team’s trip to Paris will start in January.</p>

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